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Amazing things - Genes 8.06.18

The creation gift of genes running in a family, bringing diversity and likeness in equal measure.

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Paradox 28.5.18

The wonders and order of the natural world all point to its deep rooted created-ness and the truth of its creator.

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Reeds and River 19.5.18

An afternoon walk in the sunshine beside the river brings awareness of the interdependence of all life on the living water of our creator God.

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Leaning In 12.5.18

Leaning into God as a spiritual discipline

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Image bearers 23.4.18

Each of us bear the image of our Maker throughout our lives mostly without consciously recognising its reality and meaning

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Memories 16.4.18

Memories can be fickle, fading with time then triggered into sharpest view.

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Winter Blessings 10.4.18

A short walk around the village on a chilly afternoon in the fading days of winter yields unexpected blessings and space for reflection and writing.

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Easter Folly  31.3.18

Easter Sunday and April Fools Day. The wisdom of God meets the foolishness of man

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Daily Steps 24.03.18

Being confined to the house by illness even for a short time can be a frustrating experience. This week has illuminated for me the importance of every moment of life, not simply letting the time pass by.

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One to One 17.3.18

Sorting out some older computer files, I came upon a letter of mine written to a friend in 2004. It is a reflection upon the way in which my perspective of church, religion and faith has shifted over time.

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Mashiah 10.3.18

The Old Covenant and the New are deeply intertwined as we approach the Easter season, with the latter foreshadowed in the former.

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Superhero 3.3.18

Super heroes abound on TV and film, offering escapist salvation from the worries of the world. In contrast Christ provides grace, compassion, forgiveness and true salvation both now and in the hereafter.

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About Me

Martin is the third son of a large post war Catholic family, born in the West Riding of Yorkshire who, for the past 28 years, has lived in a Staffordshire village with his wife, family and a series of 5 female cats! Practised in the intricacies of a Sunday altar boy, Martin, like many a teenager, subsequently lapsed into quiet agnosticism and occasional church observance until, approaching 50 and by then a successful IT professional, circumstances led him to attend a local evangelical Pentecostal church and the (re)igniting of his faith. 

For the past 18 years Martin has served as an elder of his church, whilst pursuing his love of biblical storytelling and latterly the writing of poetry, largely (but not exclusively) on faith based themes. 

Martin’s greatest pleasure remains family life. He and his wife Sue regularly visit Bristol where their two daughters live with their husbands and six cherished grandchildren. Martin’s published writings are dedicated to all these vital aspects of his life.

His first volume of poetry "Twice Times Telling" has just been republished as Start to Finish on Amazon in both paperback and ebook format. 

This collection comprises 66 poems from Genesis to Revelation with one poem for each book of the Bible alongside "Wordle" images drawn for the text of each book. 

Martin's second anthology based on the Gospels will be published later in 2018 - watch this space!



  • Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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